Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Positives Notes of Pinup Contests

For the people who don't know me, I have been on the pin up circuit for seven years. I have done multiple contests, I have won, lost, judged, and sat on the side lines. After all that, I have nothing but positive thoughts when it comes to contests, so let me share with you of all the good things that you get out of putting yourself out there.

It's a great way to get your name out there and promote what you have to offer!
    • Your name is announced to everyone.
    • The audience gets to see you strut your stuff.
    • If you are asked questions you can mention charities or events you want to promote.
    •  Sometimes people (more important than judges) will actually see you,  such as working with top photographers and those photos possibly being nationally published
             (that happen in a contest I lost!)

It makes you more approachable for other photographers/people to want to work with you instead of just hanging around in the crowd.
    • This is the icebreaker for most people, because you officially introduced yourself to everyone and made yourself a public figure.
You make new friends!
    • I have met many of new ladies just by being in the contest. I wrapped my arms around a lady because she was cold. I adjusted another’s outfit so it was stage friendly and she placed. I've dusted other girls' clothes off after they sat in a dusty spot. I have, over all, gotten along with most the girls. There are the ones that are standoff-ish and that is ok. Sometimes they're just shy! It's a contest but no one is trying to be your enemy here
Look at all these beautiful ladies that I have met and can call friend!
You feel good about yourself!
    • This is the tricky part. It is very disheartening to lose contests, especially if you put in a lot of effort to make yourself stand out. But the true winner of the contest is for the ladies who never give up. Making a name for yourself is more important than the win, because you’ll be remember as a talented, beautiful, and most of all gracious, lady instead.
You are still a winner.
    • You did it! You stood up in front of the crowd and you showed those people who’s the boss. If you won, congratulations! But if you didn’t win the shiny crown, the money, or the sash that doesn’t make you any less of a winner. You made a memory, you made new friends, and you made a name for yourself