Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The long path to be an impersinator

So, you may be wondering why a brunette like me is so fascinated with Marilyn Monroe. Well, she just an amazing, talented lady.

My first attempted was trying to embody her with what I had. I curled my hair short and used her makeup tips to paint my face, It kinda worked. Its more of a dark Marilyn effect.

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Photographers: Autumn Luciano
So my next step was the wig. It is super hard trying to find a Marilyn wig. Even impossible to find one with a widows peak. So I used what I could get.

The 2nd attempt to embody such a lady involved her famous white dress from the Seven Year Itch. I looked and looked until I could find one that had the proper pleating from top to bottom with the ribbon lacing. I found a beautiful one from the UK...I wore it right out of the package, was a bit large. It'll be fixed by my next attempted. Also, I found a reproduction of her pink dress made famous in her movie, Niagara. I found it at www.pinupgirlclothing.com its actually very nicely made with just a few inaccuracies. I closed off the slit in the front and opened it in the back, Still need to make a few more alterations, but its wearable.

Photographer: RSII Photographer & Pointe Photography

And other than a few corrections, I almost have it down. Yet, most people wonder why I just don't dye my hair blonde. Well one, it will completely destroy my hair, and two, I'm not Marilyn Monroe. I don't want my whole life being compared to someone I can never be. I want to give people the entertainment of one of their idols, but still know I can still be myself.
So where to go from there,
Well... I'm practicing her songs and trying to learn to talk and act like her. When I get her songs down I'll post one. Also, I'm saving up money to get a custom wig made instead of bleaching my hair, because I'm still always going to be Leena and there will only be one Marilyn.

                                                  So what outfit should I invest in next

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